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Perhaps you were looking for Audio Visual Services for your event or corporate functions? Impact Audio Visual Services provides Audio Visual Service for all your Sound Equipment needs. Impact AV (Audio Visual Services Singapore) is one of the market leaders of the audio visual equipment rental business.

Impact Audio Visual Services – Audio Visual Singapore: A one stop solution by Impact Audio Visual Services (Impact AV) for your Audio Visual Equipment needs!

Why did Impact Audio Visual Services setup the Audio Visual Singapore website?

In order to serve our customers audio visual requirements better, we have setup our corporate website as Audio Visual Singapore to address the market needs of our customers and also to tell potential customers that we are market leaders in the field of providing audio visual equipment rental services.

Customers can be assured that they are in good hands as we have well trained experience staff and project co-ordinators to handle all the event’s audio visual setup and support. a successful event depends heavily upon audio visual rental technology. Call us today at the number below or click on the button to send us an email TODAY

Audio Visual Services Singapore - We are the Audio Visual Equipment Rental Expert Specialist

Providing Audio Visual Services since 1996

Impact Audio Visual Services has been providing Audio Visual and Sound Services to the industry since 1996. We have acquired 80% market share of Singapore Hotel’s audio & visual needs. Impact Audio Services, Impact AV is a One-Stop Centre for all Audio Visual Services Requirements In Events.

Our company is one of the market leaders when it comes to audio visual equipment rental offering our services in supporting your Events, Outdoor Events, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions.

Our motto is to not only serve you with good, efficient & working sets but also to make sure you get the best equipment setup at an affordable pricing when it is needed. We have professional staff that are highly experienced and we will be able to provide you with audio visual services technical setup of our state-of-art equipment in order to make your function a success!

Impact Audio Visual Services is a veteran in the field of Audio Visual Equipment in Singapore. We are in the business of Audio & Visual Equipment rental. We provide value added services to all our customers by offering professional consultancy and good audio visual support for all your conferences, meetings, functions, celebrations, weddings and events.

Audio Visual Sound Equipment - Setting up Multiple Computers

Audio Visual Singapore specialises in audio visual equipment rental in Singapore. Specialist in Audio and Visual Equipment Rental services such as plasma display, tv, karaoke systems, computers and laptops.

Does your event require multiple computers and laptops to be setup to work and colloborate in a common computer network environment?

Audio Visual Sound Equipment for Conference, Meeting & Conventions

Are you in charge of planning for your Conference, Meeting & Conventions? Do you require Audio Visual Sound Equipment support for this event?

AV Sound System Rental For Conferences/Seminars!
Impact Audio Visual Service provides Audio Visual rental Services and Audio Visual Solutions that include:

Audio Visual Sound Equipment for Outdoor Events

Do you plan to have an outdoor corporate event? Contact us so that we can help you setup Audio Visual Sound Equipment for your corporate Outdoor Events!

Audio Visual Sound Equipment : Outdoors Party Balloons

Balloons give live to the party! How cool it is to have balloons to be released to signify the start of a celebration of a company's milestone or achievement? Contact us should you need us to set this up for you!

Audio Visual Sound Equipment Shopping Mall

Are you holding your event in the Shopping Mall and need audio visual support? We can host your event with style as we will supply with you the latest state of the art audio visual equipment to be setup in the shopping mall !


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